Saturday, December 22, 2007

We Offer The BEST in Hotel Loans! Check Out Our Great Rates For Hotel Loans

HOTEL LOANS 2008 provides permanent fixed rate hotel financing for the acquisition or refinancing of stabilized hotel and motel properties, including flagged and non-flagged designations, and full-service or limited service properties. Please take a moment to fill out our or simply call 1-877-659-1390 to speak to a seasoned mortgage banker regarding your Hotel loan scenario. 

Eligible Properties:
Flagged and non-flagged hotel properties including full-service and limited service properties.
Preferred Loan Size:
$500,000 minimum
Loan Terms:
5-20 year fixed terms with 25-30 year amortizations
Minimum DSC:
1.20 - 1.40

Interest Rates:

Determined by market rates at the time of rate lock. Rates vary by loan-to-value ratio, debt service coverage and property quality
HOTEL LOANS 2008 provides the best rates, service and knowledge in Hotel Lending Industry!

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